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NerdyPerv Tech: I work online »

NerdyPerv Tech: I work online

In my last tech article, I tried to present some facts about the possibilities of pursuing career prospects outside of the traditional setting. While the piece did give information, many of you responded by saying that it was outdated and generally uninteresting. After re-reading it, I have to admit that I left something out- the part about

NerdyPerv Tech: Place of Employment? The Internet. »

NerdyPerv Tech: Place of Employment? The Internet.

Have you ever looked around at your cubicle and hated it? Have you ever sat in a classroom and wondered how you were ever going to apply that knowledge? Have you ever wished that you had the flexibility to do a job you loved during hours that were convenient for you? If so, I have a suggestion. Work for yourself. While earning my

And my username is… »

And my username is…

Announcing to the world that I am polyamorous was a stressful decision. In order to meet like minded people, I started researching to branch out of what I thought was Midwest conservatism. Yes, that is right, this girl actually Googled "poly dating" to figure out how to do it. All my questions led me to realize that finding a person to date was