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NerdyPerv On Location at Naka Kon »

NerdyPerv On Location at Naka Kon

Now, I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a nerd. Not because I delve deeply into one particular interest but because I sample a bit from each genre. This last weekend, I received the largest culture shock of my nerdy life; immersion into the Anime world by attending the Naka-Kon in Kansas City, Missouri. My best friend and I

Intro to Anime »

Intro to Anime

For those of whom, like me, are unfamiliar with Anime; let me give you a bit of information that will be helpful to you. After reading this article, many of the references I make in my next piece (NerdyPerv On Location at Naka-Kon) will make more sense. Anime is a style of animation originating in Japan, most commonly found in Manga