Let’s Get Messy!: The myth or miracle of “squirting”

When it comes to sex, what a woman can or can’t do is a mystery. There is no way to determine how good she’ll be in bed based on her appearance, or if her natural talents will be pleasing to her partner. As for me, I discovered one of my natural talents by accident. Most of my sexual adventures had been relatively mild, but I’d always known that I was holding back. My body would get close to climax and all the sudden I’d feel this urge to release. Then one day, during the middle of a torrid sexual afternoon, I was absorbed in the moment and, for once, decided to just let go.

At first, it felt like I was wetting the bed but that was just because of the amount of moisture involved. I would have gotten embarrassed if it weren’t for the fact that the man underneath me looked like he had just entered heaven. It was as if pleasure itself had liquefied and was cascading from my body. In that moment, neither of us cared about the mess involved because we were both shocked. I hadn’t even known what to call the gushing sensation until the boy spoke up to say, “Wow! I’ve never had a girl squirt before.” That was when I discovered that by locking this part of my copulating instincts away for so long, I’d been denying myself and my lovers one of the most infamous sex acts.


I later confided in a friend and she informed me that men go wild when they find out a woman has this distinct ability. Despite the fact I’d just spent hours the previous day soaking a mattress through, I wasn’t completely convinced and sought my answers on the Internet. The plethora of information regarding the phenomenon was stunning to a newbie like me. Apparently, the female ejaculation is often confused with urine by both the woman and her partner if either is unfamiliar with the process. But, don’t freak out too much since the fluid does not have the same odor or smell. There are great variances from one woman’s body to the next with squirting. For instance, while it is possible to orgasm and ejaculate at the same time, they do not always happen simultaneously. Some woman only expel a small amount of liquid (think tablespoons), while others produce large quantities (think measuring cups).

After the initial occurrence, it was obvious that I had been missing out. I decided that the best way to perfect my performance was practice. I talked openly with my partner and we decided to start an experiment of sorts. Thus started the ‘How To Make Christin Squirt’ project. We discovered that I couldn’t gush without having penetration first. I learned to control it by concentration so that after some really good insertions, even oral would accomplish the task. Then I realized I could squirt in succession, with the only challenges being dehydration and willingness to pre-plan. Eventually, I invested in waterproof blankets and even a vinyl covered mat that could be laid directly on the floor or on top of my mattress.

Telling sexual partners was slightly awkward at first because I was still embarrassed. I had to warn them that some of our encounters needed to be planned in order for me to really get into the heat of the moment. Learning how to handle things wasn’t easy but with time, I did become confident enough in my own abilities to take care of these details on my own. My actions caused curiosity but rarely disappointment.

Not every man or woman enjoys being with someone who can squirt. I admit that I’ve only had one person tell me that it was not their idea of a good time. The vast majority of my other sex partners have actually requested that I do it more often. These acknowledgments have made me think that this talent is a blessing, despite its complications.

If I do decide to get down and dirty with someone, I look forward to feeling the gush. It feels like bliss is pouring out of me and, until the well runs dry that feeling doesn’t stop. So when the mood strikes me now, I simply look to my partner and say, “Let’s get messy!”

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  1. Ken says:

    Great article. I for some reason want to get messy now.

  2. Shelby says:

    I have done this one time. It was not planned and I did not feel it coming. My finace really wants me to do it for him now. I feel that I can’t. I had no idea it was going to happen. What do I do to satisfy him? I want to do it as well.. just can’t.

  3. Gwen says:

    A lot of the times it’s something you can’t control, however there are ways that you can learn how to recognize when it’s going to happen. The most obvious sign is a fullness feeling, something that makes you think that you are going to pee. You and your partner will need to spend a little time down there. Ask him to place two fingers in you and hook them up towards your belly button. This motion will stimulate your g-spot and you should begin to feel as if your vagina is filling with liquid. Once you start to feel closer to release, ask him to push down with his hand (not roughly) against his fingers to apply more pressure to the spot–this will make the feeling more intense and give you a better orgasm.

    Hope that helps. As you guys try it more, you should begin to learn how to control when you finally squirt. But first embrace the squirting and then learn how to control it!

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  5. Duhe says:

    I have a few questions. The more I research this subject the more confused I become.

    I have a friend who wants to “learn” how to squirt. Is squirting a learned action? If so, how? Can any woman “learn” how to squirt — or is it a special talent reserved only for some?

    If you can squirt do you squirt every time you have sex? Is it a conscience choice to squirt or does it just happen? Is squirting related to having an orgasm or can one have/do one without the other?

    Finally, if one can squirt but doesn’t what happens to the fluid? Is it stored awaiting the next squirt or does it get absorbed into the body?

    Questioning minds want to know!

  6. Elise says:

    Squirting is a possibility for all women but, like other orgasms, is not necessarily achieved easily. Many females find it next to impossible to cum without their particular brand of stimulation. As for the “learning” to squirt, hydrate & don’t hold back. Many women feel the sensation and think they are going to pee, so they prevent letting go.
    As for the fluid, we’re not doctors- but I’m sure a medical professional could answer that for you!

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